Mobile Thermal Spray Powder Coating

Ibix portable thermal coating technology allows you to rapidly apply a powdercoat finish (FBE or Fusion Bonded Epoxy) to concrete, steel, or other surfaces in the field, without using an oven. The coating is waterproof, drinking water approved, and safe for the food industry. Plastic coating provides superior long term protection, because of its adhesion, flexibility, strength, impact resistance, long life, and indifference to acids. A coloured protective coat can be applied from 3mm to 12mm thick, or more.

Not conductive to electricity, and anti-osmotic, the Plascoat manufactured thermoplastic coating can be used for underground pipelines, near railways etc. It is used for coating the pre-treatment areas of galvanising plants because it is resistant to chemicals. Also used in acid treatment areas for copper mining.

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